Full-frame sensor, fixed focal length, unlimited creativity

Leica Q (Typ 116), black
Leica Q (Typ 116), black Leica Q (Typ 116), silver anodized


Leica Q silver Totale angeschnitten 1512x1008 Leica Q silver right 1512x1008 BG=f4f4f4 Leica Q silver top 1512x1008 BG=f4f4f4

Leica Q Silver

Classic design option

In addition to the black and titanium grey editions, the compact camera with the fast prime lens - the Leica Q - is now available in silver. While its technical specifications are identical to those of its black and titanium grey counterparts, the design of the new version impresses with classic combination of black and silver. The top plate and the baseplate are silver anodised and the rear shell has the refined look of classic black paint. The characteristic, high-grip pattern of the black leather trim has been maintained. The control elements on the top plate are finished in silver. The engraved model name is filled in black. The focal length figure on the lens and parts of the distance scale are in red.

Silver. Black. Beautiful. The Leica Q Silver.

Feature-Shot-1512-x-1008 LEI_Q-Snow_1512-x-1008 LEI_Q-Snow_1512-x-1008_1 LEI_Q-Snow_1512-x-1008 One-eye-1512-x-1008

Leica Q "Snow"

by Iouri Podladtchikov

The special limited edition of the Leica Q has been created in collaboration with Swiss Olympic gold medallist (2014), world champion snowboarder (halfpipe) and dedicated Leica photographer Iouri Podladtchikov.
The Leica Q "Snow" by Iouri Podladtchikov is based on the Leica Q model with a silver anodised top deck, baseplate and controls on the top deck in silver.

The highlights of the special edition include the pure white trim in premium real leather that gives it its name and, for the first time on a Leica camera, an accessory shoe cover made from aluminium.
The special edition set includes the camera body, a soft leather case in white and a colour-matched carrying strap and was designed on the basis of Iouri Podladtchikov’s own ideas.

The set will be available in selected Leica Stores from March 2018.


of „Das Wesentliche“

Pushing the limits of what is technically possible whilst being extraordinarily focused on what is essential for photography. A concept that’s that has been behind every Leica camera for more than a hundred years. From the Oskar Barnack original to the new Leica Q.


day and night

With the fastest lens in its class and full-frame sensor, you can rely on your Leica Q in every situation. Even in adverse lighting conditions, images of stunning quality can still be achieved.


with high speed technology

Decisive moments only ever happen once. They’re never repeated. The Leica Q functions at high speed, so you’re always able to capture them.