M in its purest form

Since the launch of the rangefinder system in 1954, Leica M cameras have been valued by many photographers as the perfect tool for capturing the fascination of a moment discreetly, quietly and spontaneously. We began writing a new digital chapter in the success story of the M-Camera - then analogue in 2006. Today, it is the Leica M (Type 262) that embodies the M-Philosophy in its purest form: with a focus on the

functions essential for photography combined with clear and intuitive handling, it is one of the most compact, full-frame system cameras available, and offers you access to lenses acknowledged as being the best in the world. It is the essence of M-Photography. The perfect camera for experiencing the fascination of the M in its purest form.

pure fascination M


Timeless perfection

A distinctively clear and functional design reflects the timeless character of the Leica M (Typ 262). The top plate is engineered from durable aluminium, which makes it around 100 grams lighter.


Logical and clearly structured

The Leica M-System fulfils real photographic needs. Due to the omission of additional features like Live View and video capability, the menu is extremely lean and consists of only two pages.


Just as you would expect from an M

The perfect interaction between the high-resolution full-frame CMOS sensor and the legendary Leica M-Lenses guarantees images of incomparable quality – even in low light.

Objetivos M

Maestros del momento

Das Thambar ist einzigartig in der Entwicklung der Leica Objektive, die schon 1935, als das Thambar auf den Markt kam, berühmt für ihre exzellente, unerreichte Schärfe waren. Das neue Thambar-M bildet einen spannenden Kontrast zu anderen Leica Objektiven mit 90mm Brennweite und eröffnet dem Fotografen die Möglichkeit, ganz bewusst einen besonderen Look zu kreieren.

Objetivos M