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The LFI Blog features exclusive photo series, reportages, interviews and photo book reviews, along with illuminating insights into the work of accomplished amateur and professional photographers. 

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Sometimes it’s worth fighting for your principles, even in the context of a commercial project.
Cédric Viollet

Cédric Viollet describes his visual language as a documentary-style approach. The same aesthetic also informs his fashion work, in which portraits alternate with landscape scenes and provocative stills. For this series, created during the Gallops of Morocco race, the photographer decided against using any models, assistants, or preconceived locations. Instead, he simply worked with whatever the moment presented.

Ambassador Cedric Viollet

Digital Features: Every two weeks, we introduce a photo series produced exclusively for the S Magazine with a Leica S or Leica SL. See what unfolds when creative minds are given entirely free rein.

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